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Market Research and Analytics Sevices Company in Hyderabad | Brand Building Surveys | Econcero
eConcero offers a boutique of Market Research (MR) operation services to cater to your everyday operational challenges. If you are overloaded with project commitments and facing shortage of skilled resources eConcero can be your trusted service provider for all your operational needs.
Following are the services that we offer with high degree of commitment to quality yet at a very competitive price.
Designing of proposal
We support designing of winning proposals for your products and services in line with the objective of the client. We will work closely with your Sr.Researcher/Consultant and help them save time to do more sales.
Designing of Questionnaire
We help you design Market research surveys for multi-methodology and diverse categories of research solutions. These surveys will be in line with your proposal, comprehensive ensuring good response rates.
Scripting of Surveys
We help you script surveys of any complexity with high engagement quotient, Irrespective of any platform or technology.
Survey Hosting of Surveys
Secured Hosting services at cost efficient price. The data collected can be exported in SPSS or Excel formats.
Data processing
We offer high class Data cleaning and data analysis services. Any kind of complex tabulation requirements can be delivered. The outputs will be in ASCII or Excel or XML formats.
Text Analytics
NLP and Machine Learning
NLP via sentimental analysis
Machine Learning: via manual training the codeframe.
**Used for large data trackers to cut cost and increase efficiency
**Used for analysing comments coming from social media data or unstructured data.
Advance Analytics
Advanced analytical services, such as Factor, Cluster, Correlation, regression, correspondence analysis and discriminate
Charting services
Meaningful snapshot dashboards, charts and Infographics for providing valuable insights
Report writing

Basic report writing, Customized report writing (Tracking/Ad hoc) - Key takeaways for each slide, summaries for each section of the report and conclusions/ recommendations

Quality Management and project Management services: We provide Quality checking services for all the above activities. If any of the above activities are executed elsewhere and you wanted the outputs to be crosschecked, this can be offered in a quick TAT.

Online Desk Research
Our researchers are equipped to know the importance of the research and follow the guideline intellectually to reduce the efforts made and time consumed in searching. We have expertise in all domains including Healthcare & Pharma, Retail, Consumer, Fashion, Automotive, Gaming etc
Social Media Listening
Aggregates content from all languages across the globe and enables Keyword and Boolean string based search. Real time listening from most of the social media channels witter, Facebook public, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr and also maintains a massive listening index of millions of News, Blogs and Forum sources enable listening . We provide geo based and industry based social media monitoring data.
Organise any complex data to taxonomies
Digital Acquisition of Respondents
We use the digital campaign methodologies to acquire respondents for surveys.
Acquire respondents and sign up surveys “In the moment” and online.
We ensure the target's are met in the time frame and with quality.
We offer the management for bigger volume and long duration quarterly to annual assignments.

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We are an emerging company who focuses on using the Deep dive market research and online marketing expertise to optimise brand’s growth.


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