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Build a product/service that the customer needs! Liking your idea doesn’t mean buying your product!

Validate your business ideas, products, services with target customers or potential customers based on demographics and psychographics.

econcero TEST:
Understand the potential of your idea, concept, product, App, campaign with fast and accurate REAL TIME feedback from right target audience who may be your future customers!
econcero VALIDATE:
Validate your assumptions by getting to know the facts , insights and analysis
econcero INVEST:
Wisely invest your funds by the Idea Index Score or the Success Score
The solutions tailor made exclusively for Start-Ups and SME’s across globe to understand Brand’s market validation which will enable them to get a Goto market Strategy.
Quick and Easy Steps

We understand your objective01

Write a brief and assess your target customers02

We solicit feedback via surveys rolled out to niche targets or Social listen or Collect survey feedback rolled out on social media or work on desk research to provide data and insights03

Analyse information04

Provide you with the Idea Index score05

Provide you with assessment and recommendations06

Reports and dashboards07

Few of Our clients have used Bootstrap 360 to

  • Check for gaming App beta feedback
  • New Website information satisfaction
  • Pivoting from one business idea to another
  • Launching a new retail business
  • Launching of fashion ecommerce business
Send Us Your Requirement
All the above is provided for a sample of 100-200 respondents.
Anything beyond, leave us your requirement and we will reach out to you!
Market validation is a series of interviews of people in your target market. These interviews are used to test a product concept against a potential target market.
Ans: Customer validation is a positive and necessary step on the road to startup success A lack of customer insight means you're more likely to launch something that does not have the necessary product / market fit.
We provide niche sample across PAN INDIA on demand, who will participate in the survey.
  • Smokers
  • Pet owner
  • Specific geography within Zones
  • Specific age group
  • Technology Ownership
  • Smartphone Users
  • Laptop / PC Users
  • Employment Status
  • Job Title Specific
  • Household Income Specific
  • Marital Status
  • Parental Status
  • Age/Gender of Children
  • Pet Owners
  • Household Decision Makers
  • Licensed Drivers
  • Car owners/lease/sharing
  • Purchase Intenders
  • Time Spent Gaming
  • Television viewing
  • Finance Primary Decision Makers
  • Investable Assets
  • Food & Beverage
  • Beverage Consumption
  • Restaurant Goers
Sell it before you build it: speak to 100's of prospects to identify your market segment and product requirements for that segment.
Almost one in two startups that fail do so mainly because they create products that no one wants to use. Ideas are great, but they don't make money. Businesses make money. Once you can validate that people will open their wallets or their cheque books for your product or service, then you have business idea.
Except for freemium , the respondents are deeply profiled and profiled by our partner company iResearch who are a global Research Company, reinforced by ISO 20252 & ISO 27001 , ESSOMAR, CASRO, certification.
We are required by ESOMAR Code to maintain the distinction between market research and commercial activities. Respondents participate in surveys anonymously.
Bootstrap 361 DIY model provides you generic population , defined by age/ gender and region in specific to your requirement.
Ans: No. Questionnaire is currently available in standard business language “English“.
Ans:We employ a number of sophisticated statistical analysis techniques to produce our scores, including quota sampling, weighting and normalizing survey results. Details shared on demand.
  • Scientific Questionnaire
  • Survey Link programmed that can be sent to your professional/Social/WhatsApp Network to fill survey
  • Real time feedback /results in graphs
  • Scientific Idea Index score
iPanel research signs Non-Disclosure Agreements with panelists. The NDAs mandate that all information must be kept confidential and any breach of proprietary information may be cause for legal action.

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